How We Can Help

How The Arthritis Research Foundation Can Help You

Our event team is eager and happy to offer you guidance and our expertise in the planning of your event.  Once your third party application form is completed and approved, we will be able to support and help you organize your event from conception to completion.  Listed below are the specific ways we can assist you in making your event a success.

The Arthritis Research Foundation can provide:

• Our professional advice and expertise on event planning.
• A listing of your event on our webpage under ‘Upcoming Events’ with a link to your website.
• Approval for the use of our name and logo.
• A letter of endorsement to validate your fundraising efforts to sponsors.
• Advice on licensing or insurance coverage that may be required for your event.
• Issuing charitable tax receipts- please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and requirements according to the Canada Revenue Agency.
• If determined beneficial by your ARF event contact, creation of a personalized online event fundraising page through our online system.

The Arthritis Research Foundation cannot provide:

• Funding or reimbursement for any event expenses.
• Mailing lists or email lists of donors or sponsors.
• Guarantee hospital or staff attendance or participation at your event.
• Coordination of applications for any licenses that you may require.
• Access to celebrities or media contacts.
• Solicitation for prizes, auction items, awards or sponsorships.
• Coordination of ticket sales.